Feng Shui literally changed my life. 

Within three days of reading How to Feng Shui Your Life by Jayme Barrett, my day-to-day existence shifted dramatically. It was incredibly difficult, but I was able to let go of my old perspective and break free of (self-imposed!) chains that were binding me to a life that wasn’t fully inspiring me. I decided to dramatically shift the path of my career, which I was able to do after unexpectedly receiving an inheritance from a relative. When I gave myself over to Feng Shui, things just started falling into place. After spending seven years working at a fashion magazine that left me stressed out and high-strung, I had the luxury of stepping away from my desk to really look at my job and decide that it wasn’t serving me well. Inspired by the changes that Feng Shui had brought to my own personal life, I decided to seek out a certification program that would educate me in the art of mindful living spaces. I enrolled in one here on the East Coast and quit my job. The rest, as they say, is history. 

I love practicing Feng Shui for more reasons than I can count.  I adore the feeling of gratification and resolution that comes from helping clients understand themselves better by helping them grasp the way their space makes them feel, whether it’s positive or negative. Even better is learning that when they do incorporate the changes I’ve suggested, they open themselves to a profoundly positive impact on their lives that goes much deeper than they could have imagined. 

Making a difference in their lives, in YOUR life, is why I’ve chosen this work.