LET'S START WITH a phone conversation or email correspondence in which we discuss your issues and needs. Once we decide to work together, you’ll fill out a simple questionnaire, send in floor plan, and set a date for the initial consult (or service of your choice). 

home/office consultations

These take place in two parts. During our first meeting we’ll spend 1-2 hours together (depending on the size of the space) and discuss your home or office in further detail—what you love and don’t love and why. Afterwards, we’ll arrange for a second consult and spend an additional 1-2 hours together going over adjustments and focusing in on the changes that will have the greatest possible impact. The ultimate goal is for you to come to a deeper understanding of your environment, why you’ve set things up the way you have, and how making changes to your space will not only change the way you feel in it, but the way you feel in your life as well.  



The process of clearing clutter takes place in multiple parts. During our initial consult we'll spend 1-2 hours together (depending on the size of the space) and discuss your home or office in further detail—where clutter tends to pop up and why. We'll focus in on where the most intense piles seem to be lurking as well as what these piles represent. We'll set goals and determine a schedule for decluttering and organizing your space together. Remember: a clear space = a clear mind. 


Moving can be a very emotional and taxing process—but there's a variety of things we can do to make it as smooth and positive as possible. And maybe even a little bit fun! Services range from the simple movement of furniture (which helps stage the home for sale) and energy clearings (creating a vibe that welcomes buyers into your home), to creating a special ceremony that both welcomes/beckons your future-buyer into the space. The goal is to get you, your family, and your home ready for the next phase of your lives. 


guided meditations

Curious what your spirit animal is? Need help envisioning how to best set up your space? Let's go on a relaxing, meditative journey together and discover the truth it is you're looking for. Meditations can be tailored to each individual client and their unique needs, as well as to larger groups/parties.